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From Athens, Ga: tales of kitty cats, bathtime fun, fickle love and scrambled eggs. Try to pigeonhole and you just may fall in. The music ain't bad either.

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In my opinion, there is nothing out there that sounds quite like Golden Eels, and by that trait alone, they are worth listening to.

–Ali Shimkus, Slug Magazine.

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Official video for 'Jezebel' from Periscopes in the Air, now available


featuring 'Deep End' from Periscopes in the Air, now available


featuring 'Hi' from Periscopes in the Air, now available


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In 1999, Neil Golden, a piano-obsessed, Beefheart-affected, South Carolina native, moved to Athens, Georgia, to play in a band, and it all started from there. Golden quickly fell into a cohort of like-minded musicians where he played prolifically.

Soon after, Neil was recording and touring extensively with bands like The Glands, Elf Power, Shonna Tucker, Japancakes, The Late B.P. Helium and countless other Athens groups. In the meantime, Golden never stopped writing his own infectious pop gems which have found their way onto Golden Eels' debut album, Periscopes in the Air.

By far, Periscopes in the Air’s hallmark is its strikingly talented musicianship with the inimitable Creston Spiers (Harvey Milk) on guitar whose towering lines of dexterous harmony sweep the album. Neil’s own playing forms the core of the record: a Sun Ra meets Nicky Hopkins informed style, heavily soaked in pop sensibilities. Holding it all down is a solid and seasoned rhythm section, Andy Pope and Taylor Sproull.

The band played live shows while recording basic tracks with Kyle Spence (Harvey Milk, Kurt Vile & The Violators), and Golden added his keyboard and vocals at home between restaurant shifts. Eventually, he enlisted Doug Stanley for some lap steel magic (The Glands, Love Tractor) and his own father -- Lyman Golden, a guitar professor and former jingle writer -- to top it all off.


Oct. 14 - Caledonia Lounge in Athens, Ga.

Dec. 4 - Red Light Cafe in Atlanta, Ga.


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from Slug Magazine

Periscopes in the Air is a bubbly, pop-rock album full of lo-fi, ’80s-style keys. Golden has a whimsical, carefree writing style, speaking about everything from a cat named Jezebel to having tentacles. There is an interesting mix of Southern rock–inspired guitar solos over the fanciful keyboard sounds, especially in “Hi” and “Transmitter.” The combination, though odd, strangely works, and Golden Eel’s lyrics are weirdly charming. In my opinion, there is nothing out there that sounds quite like Golden Eels, and by that trait alone, they are worth listening to. –Ali Shimkus

from Flagpole magazine, Athens

Although the group features a crack team of musicians, the whole thing seems to spring from leader Neil Golden's brain. You can take a deep peek inside via the Eels' new album, Periscopes In the Air, which has all the earmarks of a treasured, mysterious garage-sale find. The record's central artistic statement is melody, melody and more melody. It only veers into weirdness sparingly, and at 13 tracks long, it's more than enough material for the coming summer season. The band also includes Andy Pope, Taylor Sproull and Creston Spiers. Periscopes features contributions from Helen Rhinehart, Doug Stanley, Kyle Spence, Stephen Keown and Neil's dad, Lyman Golden.

from Pittsburgh in Tune

The 13-track release makes for a compelling listen, with the platter clocking in at an efficient 40 minutes...Here’s hoping that “Periscopes in the Air” is just the first of many albums for Golden & Co. (Jeffrey Sisk) See full review.

from Dane Beardsley, professional BMX'er

"This record is absolutely incredible. Neil Golden's creativity, attention to detail, appreciation of music, knowledge of music, and general lust for weirdness are unlike anyone I have ever met. All these qualities manifested to make this album something special. I'm not much of a music critic, but this record makes me happy I have ears. The song "Hi" is the song I used for my last video I did for DK." -Dane Beardsley, professional BMX'er (

from KJHK 90.7 FM, Lawrence, Ks.

The album has an inventive, hard-to-pigeonhole quality somewhat like Pavement’s stuff. It almost sounds like it was made for college radio. ... The Golden Eels sure did their homework. It’s very solid indie pop, ideal for the summer. Enjoy & explore! See full review.

from Mark Farr,

Baroque, yet melodic, this album has a flair all its own. Periscopes in the Air takes you on an intense emotional journey -- if you are willing to take the ride. A garage sale-type of find, this is a great album. Enjoyable while not easily figured out, the material and production are loose enough to create an almost ethereal flow of songs. With raw emotion tapped into the sound, some tracks wail in desperation, while others satisfy the more mundane expressions of joy, love, and despair.

from Norman Clature, Tandavian

"It'll tickle your innards and make you feel all tingly inside."

from's John Gjaltema

It's fine to be older. That is, if you still can surprise and open to new things. Those thoughts came to mind while listening to Periscopes In The Air from Golden Eels... Keyboardist Golden has in Periscopes In The Air delivered a delicious pop album. See full review.